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We can solve your tax problems, with ex-senior expert HMRC inspectors here to help to take the stress away from your tax worries.

We consider your unique circumstances in order to effectively and efficiently assist you with your tax planning needs.

All initial consultations are free of charge - we take pride in getting to know our clients and helping them through complex tax situations.

The Tax Faculty - The Tax Experts You Need, When You Need Them

(Non-UK callers may need to call +44 207 101 3845 if you cannot connect to our 0800 number)

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How We Work

Step One

We start with a completely free and confidential consultation. This can take place by way of a meeting (over the telephone, video meeting or in person) or by way of email. We get to know you, your circumstances and your requirements.

Step Two

We analyse your situation and your needs in order to identify how best we can assist you. This might involve filing tax returns on your behalf with HMRC, providing advice on reducing your tax liability now and in the future, or a combination of such work.

Step Three

Should you wish to engage us, we would provide you with a fixed fee quote for the work required to solve all of your tax worries. We then complete our work with the highest levels of professionalism, keeping you updated at every stage and taking the stress away.

"Tax doesn't have to be taxing" - but it often is. We can help to solve even the most complex issues.

We have a proven track record of assisting our clients by considering their unique circumstances in order to advise how best they may be able to plan for tax now and in the future. Our clients have experienced a combined total of tax efficiencies in the millions of pounds, all within the boundaries set by legislation.

We don't do tax avoidance or evasion, we simply use all of our combined experience and knowledge in order to make our clients as tax efficient now and moving forward.

Contact us today on freephone 0800 0016 878 or to discuss how our experts can help you with your tax circumstances.

Please note, non-UK callers may need to call 0207 101 3845 if your line cannot connect to our 0800 number.

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